H-1B withdrawn in 2009 and new H-1B petition in 2014


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Hello forum members,


I-129 was filed in 2009 by a consulting firm. During the status was in initial review, I accepted a fellowship in federal agency as I did not want to miss the opportunity to getting into that great agency. I told the firm to withdraw my petition and I never followed up about it. Today (yes today) I checked the status that shows my petition was denied. But I told them to withdraw my petition. This is  the decision the USCIS will make in this case? I am unable to contact the person in the firm to find out what was happened.  


I have been working on J1 visa from 2009 in federal agency and received the final waiver approval from the USCIS. I informed about this case to my employer as they are filing H-1B (premium). Does this impact the chance of getting my H-1B from this agency?


I appreciate your help.


Thanks in advance.




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