Travel To India while H1B 2015 in RFE Review


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First of all thank you everyone who helping for me.. 


I am currently working in L1 approved extension by USCIS till next year.. Also I have started H1B process with another X company. 


Currently my H1B in RFE review.. I am expecting decision to come in Sep or Oct.. Unfortunately I got emergency issue.. I need to travel within 3 days.. 


I would like know.. 


If I go India.. I need to appear for stamping since I don't have now... I don't know my H1B status too.. So I should go for stamping with my approved L1 extension.. ? Is this recommended ? Whats the possibility for get reject L1  if I go ?


Is this recommended one to travel india during H1B RFE review ? 


Much appreciate your all help.. 


thank you

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When you travel before a decision on your COS to H1B petition is made then your COS is considered abaondoned though your H1B petition might be approved. You can go for L1 visa stamping and enter US with a valid L1 visa and I797. No issue with that. But, to move to H1B status later you will need to exit and enter with a valid H1B visa and I797 or employer files again for COS from L1 to H1B and pay H1B fee again.

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