H1 status got in oct 2011, will applying for L1 revoke it?


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I got H1B visa in oct 2011 and worked in the US for 10 months. Then I left the job and moved out of US in Aug 2012.


Now my current company wants to send me to their office in the US by applying for L1. (internal transfer)


Somone told me that because H1 status is valid for 6 years, I can directly apply for the same instead of L1 and I will not come in the yearly cap. Is this true?


Also, if my company does not agree for H1, will applying for L1 status revoke my H1 status?


If my H1 status is revoked, then will in future applying for H1 I will be capped again in the yearly quota?


Please let me know.


Thanks in advance.

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