Successful visa stamping at Jamaica on Aug 19


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Hello everyone,


I had my visa interview today(Aug 19th 2014) at Kingston, Jamaica. Following were the questions asked to me.


1. Can i have your passport?

2. Have you been here before?

3. Have you been to United states before?

4. What is your role?

5. Are you still with the same employer?

6. Can i have your W2 and employer(offer) letter?


Golden words



VO asked me when am i traveling, i said Thursday. He said, that's too soon and i can give you the earliest pick up date on Thursday. He also did say that, to inform my friends that it would take 2 days to get the passport.


My interview slot is at 8.30 AM. I reached to embassy at 7.10 AM and got my fingerprints at around 9.30 AM. I went to the visa counter at 11.30 AM.


There were other 2 friends with me, also got their visas approved. Please do post me, if anyone got any questions. Thanks to all the Murthy forum users for sharing your visa experiences.

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Many Many Congratulations sudheer339.


Thank you very much for sharing your experience.


I am planning to go along with family. Would you please let me know if kids under 2 ( US citizens) are allowed in the consulate? My aim is to give interview together along with my spouse and in no case I can leave my kid outside with someone. Kindly provide your feedback on this piece and guide to anyone who may know this query.


Congrats again. Have a good one.

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Hello brjaiswal,


I am staying at the the following place.


58 pines blvd, karachi ave, Kingston 6, Jamaica. This is a kind of guest house, with around 6-7 rooms They will charge 50$ per person per day. This includes AC, if you are two people. If you are single, it would be 70$ per person per day with AC.The rate may vary based on the number of persons staying in the room. They also have a chef who cooks for us for free, if we can get/buy all the ingredients to him.

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Hello suneel.mech21,


One of my friend's friend had DUI case. He also did attended US consulate at Jamaica. He was asked some normal visa questions like any other guy, and got his visa approved. He was also asked to take a drug test. So, you may also have to schedule the test, I have  no clue on how soon you get this appointment and results. Hope this information helps you.

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