H1B Stamping Done in Jamaica - August 18th


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HI All - 


I appeared for interview on August 18th at 7AM. I was 2nd person to get interviewed. Along with me there were 4 other people who came in for 7-8AM slots. Stood in line by 6.30 - Went in at 7 , Finger Printing by 7.30 and came out at 9.


My Background:

Graduated from Stratford University in 2008 and my H1 was filed in 2011 - got for 1 yr only. First stamping in India between Feb 2012-Sep 2012. H1B Ext same employer applied and approved till Sep 2015. Moved to FT in Mar 2014 - got RFE then NOID(due to Stratford H1 MS Quota) in April 2014 which cleared and got approved for H1 Transfer till Feb 2017.


Questions asked :

What is your complete designation title?

Who do you work for?

What type of company is it?

Why did you come to Jamaica?

When are you leaving?


I have met 4 people after interview and all of us got approved. Everyone was told to pick up on Wednesday. 



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Hi Girish,


Congratulations on your Visa. I am also from stratford university.  I am curious to know how did you clear the RFE you got in March ,2014.  I need to apply for H1 extension this year and your inputs will be pretty much useful to me. You can send me an email to my email address on my profile @gmail.com



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