Employer filed appeal against H-1B approved based on Consular processing decision


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My employer filed for my H-1B Visa extension and got a decision approved from UCIS based on Consular Processing (my home country, New Delhi,India). 


It was weird in many ways since my employer first received the decision from UCIS with a valid I-94 (I have proof of that email). But when the actual I-797 was mailed, it said that it's been based on consular decision.


The immigration attorney hired by my employer did a through review of all my documents beginning from my F-1 status to H-1B and then to H-1B transfer and decided to appeal against the decision made by UCIS above.


So, basically my employer appealed UCIS to approve my H-1B with a valid I-94 # and the decision is pending.


My question really is, how long can I stay in the country while this appeal is being filed. Does anyone have any suggestions for me if they have been through this situation before.


Please advise, I need all the help & guidance I can get from you !!!!


Thanks a bunch in advance !!!!!!!

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