H4 dependent travel while H1 extension in progress


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My H1B visa expires 30-Sep-14. My dependent visa also expires 30-Sep-14.


I came to USA alone and my family is in India. They will not be able to travel in US until 15-Oct-14. I have applied for H1 Extension.


There are two possibilities now,

1. I receive a receipt and Visa extension before 15-Oct-14.


In this case, Is it possible for my spouse and child to get H4 stamp without my Visa stamped on Passport?


2. My case goes to RFE (request for evidence)


In this case, my visa is under RFE, will they able to travel to USA since their existing visa expired.


If both cases are creating issue for their travel, then is it possible for them to travel on or before 30-Sep-14. How late they can enter USA. I mean, can they enter USA on 29-Sep-14.


Thanks in advance for help. This is very critical for me.

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Once I receive approval notice. Do I have to go back to India to stamp their H4 visa? because by the time I receive approval notice, their existing visa will expire?


Second question is, Can they travel on 25th Sep where H4 visa is getting expired on 30-Sep. Is there any 90 days visa validity mandatory for their travel?

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