Changing Employer will need stamping again if we have valid visa


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I've changed Employer from A to B in June 2014. I have Visa stamping with Emp A name on my passport and I have valid visa till August 2015. 


1) DO I need to go to Visa Stamping again if I visit India this year or Next year before August?

2) Any problems at POE for reentering into USA?



I have new approved I-797 and I-129 from Emp B.


Please suggest? I really appreciate your help and support.


Thank You,



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Thank You Jairichi!


at POE if they ask, Visa is on EMP A and I-797 is with EMP B, technically is it valid?

what about I-94 number? it gonna be change ,any issues with that? till what time i will get this new I-94 number?

1. Yes, it is valid.

2. Your I94 will be issued based on employer B's I797.

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