H1B Transfer while Extension is pending


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I am currently working for employer A and I am on my initial 3 year H-1B Visa which is expiring on September 30, 2014. (I-94 expiring on October 10, 2014) So, employer A has applied for the next 3 year H-1B extension and the extension application is in process.

In this situation, I am looking for better career opportunities.

1) So, if I get a new job (employer B),  can the new employer (B) apply for my H-1B Visa transfer while my extension application through current employer (A) is in process?

2) If yes, what will happen to the extension petition that is already in process?

3) Will there be any issues in applying for a transfer to a new employer while current employers extension petition is in process?

4) What is the best approach to transfer the H-1B visa to the new employer without any issues while the extension through current employer is in process?


I would really appreciate if you could please clarify these questions and please add any other additional comments or thoughts that you might have regarding this topic. Thank you very much in advance.




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