H1B tranfer RFE question urgent


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 I got an RFE on H1B transfer premium processing asking me for paystubs for June and until July 7th,2014. This is my situation. I have been laid off June 23, 2014. Revoked my H1B on June 26th,2014. I tried to look for new employer. I found new employer and he filed my H1B transfer on July 7th,2014 in ordinary processing. We applied for premium processing on August 4th,2014, then we got a query yesterday saying that, please provide paystubs for June and until July 7th.


I have paystub for June until June 23rd only and my new employer ran pay check until July 31st.


If we submit June paystub which is only for 23 days and July paystub, will it be ok. or do we need to submit the document of termination and other details as well. Also do I need to provide any other details.


Please advise.




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You have been out of status. There is no grace period on H1.

At the layoff day, you should have immediately filed a COS to some other status, e.g., B2.

The new H1 likely will not be approved as COS, meaning that you will have to travel abroad and come back with the H1 visa.

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