need urgent help on I140


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my employer A says my I-140 is approved but he is not disclosing any information like receipt number or approval notice. i got full time offer from company B. 


what are the chances i can get my I-140? can i still port my PD infuture with emloyer B if employer revoke the I-140?

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I was in same situation. Dont worry about employer not disclosing the I140 details. Just fill up one page FOIA form form and fax to them.. you can get all your I140 details or even all your immigrations documents for free in next 2-3 months. With that you can port the priority date to your new I140. As long as you have approved I140 (even though it is revoked), you can maintain the priority date. But you should understand one thing that with a revoked I140, you can not extend the H1B beyond 6th year. To extend beyond 6 year, you should have Labor filed 365 days before the 6th year max out or, approved I140.

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