Different DS 2019s and Final waiver application


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Dear All,
I have got all three NORI from India and now planning to apply for the final waiver. I have a few questions:
1. At first I got a DS 2019 from a university, when I was in India. But my visa came late and then when I joined the university, they gave me a new form (with amended dates) and thereafter followed that starting date in all extension forms. So, do I need to enter details of this very first form, while filling DS 3035? My another worry about this form is that, inplace of purpose of the form, it is given as-"Other printer Error"-my name was spelled wrong in that as well.
2. I got transferred to another university and in the new DS 2019, the program start date is once again, my start date in older university. Purpose is given as-extending a program. Is this right? Can I write like this while filling DS 3035?

3. My state comes under Newyork consulate. My conception about stage 3 was that, after filling DS 3025, I have to sent the following docs to o Newyork consulate and then they will forward this to Embassy along with a final NORI and thereafter USCIS will provide me the final waiver. Could anyone please confirm the documents and this procedure? Or do I need to sent to waiver review division as well?

copy of DS 3035
attested copies of all DS 2019s
attested copies of passport and visa page
 3 attested NORIs
 Application form+affidavit
 $28 Cashiers’ cheque drawn in favor of the ‘Consulate General of India, NY and 

self addressed envelopes (x2)

Also, what is the complete mailing address of the Newyork consulate to sent the documents?


Appreciate your help and support in this regard.




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Your current copy of DS-2019 should have all the details you need to complete the DS-3035. Yes , 'extension of program' is what you would enter in DS-3035 for 'purpose'


also see for stage III from NY consulate website:



Stage III
On receipt of clearances from all three offices mentioned above, send copies of all the three clearances along with copies of affidavit, bio-data, passport with valid visa, fee and the print out of the Case Number given by US Immigration authorities (www.uscis.govwww.travel.state.gov/waiver_instructions.html) to the Consulate General of India, New York. 


Consulate General of India, Consular Wing, 3 East, 64th Street, New York, NY 10065. 


Also see link below for detailed instructions from the US Dept of State and do accordingly:



Moderator - please note, if you add NY consulate to the subject heading of this thread, it would help others who are under NY consulate jurisdiction. Thanks.

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