H1B denial, can MTR be redrafted by another attorney but filed by previous attorney/employer


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Today I received my H1B denial notice reason being the job description doesn't qualify as a "Specialty Occupation". I had been asked for a RFE too earlier. I was never presented the petition draft by my employer. I am a contractor through my employer at a very prestigious company with a job title that easily qualifies for a specialty occupation but looking at the denial notice I find that the petition wasn't filed by a good attorney as there are several flaws in the job description as well as the job posting examples provided by them.


Is it feasible to get the petition corrected by a better attorney at say Murthy Law firm and then asking my employer to file the MTR? Are we allowed to make amendments to the petition and provide the information correctly and with more evidence?


Please advise me, any help would be greatly appreciate.


Thanks & warm regards,


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