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Firstly they will let him in though possibly with a much shorter stay and NO extension notation on the passport. The chances of being not allowed in are extremely low. First of all the Airport is not considered US soil and hence the word Deportation is null and void. If the worst case happens and it will not happen for the first couple of such visits they will let him voluntarily not seek admission to the country and let him buy a return ticket home.

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Hello, say my father spends 6 months in the US. Can he come back to the US in 3 months?


If visa officer denies entry, how is deportation handled?


- Who handles the cost?

- How do they decide flight?

- Will he be allowed to meet us or talk to us at the airport?


Thanks for your responses.


The rule of thumb is to be at least twice as long at home than in the US. So, if he was in the US for 6 months, he should stay in his home country for a year before another visit to the US.

If he travels too soon, the officer at the POE could suspect immigration intent, and deny entry.

He then would get put on the next flight back home, he would have to pay for the flight, and he could get banned for a couple of years (up to lifelong).

In short, it is not worth the risk. He has his own life in his home country.

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