URGENT!! Working for new employer on acceptance stage without informing current employer


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I accepted an offer from employer A who wants me to start working from 08/21, they have initiated my h1b transfer in premium processing today (8/13). Original plan was to start later than that and ensure H1B transfer is approved before starting, but their need has changed.


I am currently working with employer B, and I want to inform them about leaving the company only when the H1b transfer is approved. Given the 15 calendar day of premium processing times and assuming everything goes well, I can expect approval from uscis by 8/28.


1. Can I work for employer A from 08/21 to 08/28 while I take vacation time from employer B (that I have already gotten approved)? Once the petition is approved, I can inform employer B I am leaving? Or should I say I have left? (Employer B (an insurance giant) fires full-time employees on 2-3 hours notices, I don't feel bad for a last minute notice)


2. If they include vacation time on last payroll, I will be on two company's payrolls for about a week. Is that going to affect H1Bs or green card process later? Or should I convince them not to do that?


3. If the petition is rejected/RFE, I plan to roll back to employer B. Is this going to affect my H1 with employer B or green card process in the future? Will USCIS going to inform that a petition to change my status to another employer was rejected?


Please advise, I am really in a tough spot.

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