Greencard for parents with adopted child


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I am a citizen and applying GC for my parents along with adopted child for them in india.

What is procedure?

Should I apply all three of them at atime ( including adopted kid who is 13 years - no one is there take care of him ) or apply GC for parents and parents apply for adopted kid.  

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The above information is correct. USCs can sponsor their parents as immediate relatives, but siblings are in family 4th preference. IRs do not face visa number backlogs; family 4th is backlogged for over a decade.


Additionally, if there is any plan to evenually sponsor the brother in any category, it is important to make sure that adoption formalities were followed. It is common in many countries to somewhat informally "adopt" children of relatives for various reasons and raise them as one's own. But, in order to have the relationship recognized from an immigration perspective, it is necessary to comply with the legal adoption requirements for the particular country.

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