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Good Morning,


A little history about me:


I came here on F-1 and worked for my first employer on OPT, then on OPT Extension and they filed for H1B which got approved. Before I started my actual H1B (prior to Oct 2013) I switched employers and had to go through Consular Processing for my current approved and stamped H1B visa. Now, I've signed an offer for Employer 3 who will be initiating my H1B process soon. The questions I have are:


I'm looking to start employment with Employer 3 on 08/25 about 2 weeks from now, can I do that? If not, am I legal to continue to stay here until USCIS is in receipt of my petition? Provided that my present employer (Emp 2) will not withdraw their petition. Is this really simple or complicated? 

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