chances of getting gc before november..


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i see that the date for eb2 india is going to move to may 2009 from the september visa bulletin.
my date is in first week of april 2009..i had already replied to my RFE last week with updated EVL and medicals.
with this being the case,what are my odds of getting the green card before it retrogress back in Novem 2014..if not this time,what are the chances of the date becoming current again next year and gettng the green card.

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   It all depends on the case office reviewing your case. If the the case officer reviewing your case gets to look at your evidence and re evaluate your case and approve it. Your application will then fall in line with those waiting for a visa number based on priority date. If the date is still current and a number available. Voila your GC will be on its way.   

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