NIW- not working

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I have a approved i140 NIW application applied in march 2009.  I had been working in fedreal lab for five years. I moved out of US to Canada after approval and worked in my area of research-biofuels after that. In 2012, when dates bacame current for India, I started with consular processing of my case, but before i could get my interview at embassy, dates reterogressed.
Till june 2012, i worked in area of my research, but then moved back to US in sept2012 on h4 visa. After that I had baby in  aug 2013. I couldnt start work  because I needed work visa and I had baby to take care of. Now dates are becoming  current again, and I am planning to abondon my completed consular processing  and start with 485 filling. Does my, not working right now could be a threat to my green card application. Before issuing H4 consulate took my updated Cv with recent publication list.

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