L1B to H1B with a H4 time for 3 months


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I was on L-1B visa from 10/10/2009 - 12/25/2011 = 2 Years 2 months. Went back to India

Came back to USA on H4 visa on 07/01/2012 and was there till 09/25/2012 = 3 months

Went back to India again.

Came back to USA on 01/13/2013 and I am there in US till now - 08/12/2014 = 1 year 8 Months. 

Total Time on L1B stay = 2 Years 2 months

Total time on H1B stay = 1 Years 8 Months


Since I was not out side of USA for one complete year (came back on H4 visa for 3 months between L1 and H1) - 

1. Would my L1 time count towards H-1B, 6 years time?


2. I was in India for 6+3 months between L1 and H1. Would these 9 months count towards my H1B 6 years or they will be exempted?


3. How about the 3 months I was in USA on H4 visa? Would they be considered in the 6 Years? 


4. Considering this situation, when is the latest time for filing my perm so I can stay in US beyond 2016 October?

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