Travelling to India after changing employer on H1B


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My travel dates are causing lots of confusion, and I need some help.


My Visa expiration date on passport is 30 Sep 2014

The immigration stamp on my passport says admitted until 10 Oct 2014

My I797 petition has been extended until 2016 after I changed my employer recently. My visa stamp still mentions my previous employer.


I am planning my trip to India starting 30 Sep 2014 and returning 26 Oct 2014. 


1. Should I start travel before 30th Sep to avoid any hassles ?

2. After I reach India, what steps do I need to take to update my Visa stamping ? How long does it take ? I also need a new passport - can everything be done in a timeframe of 26 days ?

3. If for any reason, I am unable to get the visa stamping process done - can't I be admitted based on my I797 petition ?



Thanks !!

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