How to know number of years left on H1B !


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I got my H1B sponsored from Company A under 2005 cap and it was approved till Sep'2008. I had travelled to USA on that H1B in Mar'2008 and left back to my country in Apr'2009. Extension was applied in Aug'2008, got extension till Dec'2009. (Here it was consumed for 12.5 months)

I left that company in my country and worked with few other companies between Apr'2009 and May 2013.

Company B -  a consulting company in USA used same H1B (claimed unused period of my original H1B) and sponsered/transfered my H1B in 2012 - got visa approved in 2012 - I travelled to USA in Jul'13 on this and currently in USA. (about 13 months been consumed in this travel as of this month)

My question here is, 6 years on my H1B  to be counted including my first visit or recent visit (I have read some where, counter would reset to Zero if H1B holder stays out of USA for more than 365 days).

Is there way to know how many years left on my H1B?


Thanks !

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