changing job in beginning of 7th year without i140


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I am a software engineer from India working in USA. I am in a tricky scenario in a job I want to change as soon as possible, so I wanted some advise.


Present Scenario

I am currently on my sixth year of H1B with company 1. My visa expires this September.Company 1 filed for my Perm last August, but the PERM is still pending as they said me last week. Company 1 filed for my H1B extension this month.


In the mean time, I applied to company 2, and they offered me.


New Plan

I am planning to join company 2 as soon as I get my extension for 1 year from company 1, as company 2 has agreed to file my PERM immediately. I believe, I will have about 10 months on my new H1B when my PERM is filed by company 2.



If my PERM gets processed by 7-8 months and I get my i140 within a month, will I be eligible for more extension under the new company?






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