Texas Driver's License Renewal on Expired Stamp but valid petition

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My spouse and I have a TX DL that is expiring in September 2014, same as the expiry of our visa sticker/stamp. However, we have a current petition that is valid till October 2014 and then we have another H1B renewed petition that is valid from October 2014 to October 2015. We will highly appreciate if someone could help us with the following - 


1. Will the DMV renew our licenses without a valid visa sticker/stamp based on just our valid petitions since we are currently not planning to travel and get the new sticker for a few months? (What I gather from the various posts on similar topics is that they should)

2. When should we apply for our DL renewal? (My guess is within one month of expiry)

3. What are the documents that the DMV might need in order to process the renewal?(My guess is our valid petition documents along with our passport)

4. If we apply for renewal before the DL expiry, is it possible that the DMV issues us a DL valid just till October 2014 (expiry date of the current petition) and then we need to visit them again with our new petition to repeat the process to get a DL for a longer period? Or can they issue the renewed DL valid up to the expiry of our renewed petition?

5. How much time should we expect the DMV to take complete any and all verification processes that they might decide to conduct?


While I am going through the other posts on similar topics, I will really appreciate if anyone can help us with this peculiar form of the DL renewal problem. 


Look forward to some advice.

Thanks a lot


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