PERM required among same companies but having different TAX ID's?


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Dear All


I need your valuable suggestions:


My case : I am currently working on with company A in NY on H1b valid till Dec 2015 and I just cleared my PERM recently with company A. we have another company B with a different tax ID and slight difference in name at the end ( like LLC ) in NJ for which i was told to work on from next month. Please note that Company A and Company B even though has different tax ID's come under ONE NAME OF ENTERPRISE. pl remember enterprise will have a set of companies at diff locations.


Keeping these things I have the below questions :


1) Do I need to transfer my H1B for the company B in NJ as they have diff TAX ID.


2) Do I need to start the whole process again right from PERM if I move to company B in NJ., if YES, if I start the processing of PWD then till the time I file my PERM I will be approaching my H1b status expiry, so in this case can I get extension (1 year) based on PERM filing or only upon approval of PERM. Pl clarify.


3) Is there any alternative where I can substantiate the current approved PERM by explaining USCIS that all belong to same enterprise even though they have diff ID's. pl remember enterprise will have a set of companies at diff locations.


4) Any valuable suggestions based on the above scenario whether to take such risk or not? if yes, Pl suggest me how to go about it.



Your valuable suggestions will be throwing light to me to get more awareness on risk versus benefit evaluation.






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