DS 160 submitted, but cancelled attend Visa interview. Do I need a new DS 160?


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Case background:

  1. My parents had filled and submitted DS 160 forms on April 22nd 2014.
  2. After paying the visa fee, they had booked their visa interview at the Chennai Consulate for 22nd May 2014. 
  3. However, due to personal reasons, they cancelled the visa interview and the finger printing appointment, well in advance.
  4. Now, they are planning to visit my sister in US during December 2014.
  5. They have never been to US before, and therefore do not hold any type of US visa.

Please note that the duration of stay, intended date of arrival, and purpose of the visit mentioned in the previous DS 160, is not valid anymore.




Do they need to, submit a new DS160, and pay the fee again to book a visa slot ?

or can the old DS 160 form and visa fee receipt be used to make a new appointment.







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