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Hello Everyone,

I am from India and currently on H1B with an MNC company. I have a Bachelor Degree in Engineering with the following exp.

2007 to 2009 with Company A in India

2009 to 2013 With Company B – Current Employer in India

2013 to till Date with Company B- Current Employer in USA.

Now my current Employer started my Greencard processing and as a part of document submission the attorney is asking me the previous employment letter from Company A with Job Roles and Responsibilities.

I have the Exp letter from Company A , however it has only basic details. There is no Roles and Responsibilities mentioned in the Exp letter.

Now Company A didn’t respond to my request for a New Exp letter with Job Roles.

  1. Is it fine that I can provide a Self-Affidavit and attach Pay stubs.
  2. Most of my Colleagues and previous Manager has left the company. Is it fine that I can get the Affidavits from any of my co-worker even though there are not in the Company A.

Kindly advise me on the next steps.

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You could do this in the order to get experience letters

1. Get experience letters from original employer / manager / colleagues on the company letter head.

2. If you can't do 1, make sure you have a proof that you followed with employer and they refused to issue exp. letter. In that case, you can approach manager / colleagues even if they left the company. Try to get exp. letter on their current company letterhead.

3. If you could not get exp. letter as stated in 1 or 2, then you can approach manager / colleagues irrespective of where they are working and request them to give you exp. letter, with their detailed contact information. If they can notarize, that's really good. If not, ask them to give letter on plain paper.

4. Last resort, you could always give sworn affidavit about your experience. But it's up to USCIS to entertain this one.


Hope this helps.

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