H1B visa renewal, IWP/drop box eligibility and docs


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Hello All,


I got my visa (L1B) got stamped in Nov, 2006 and came back to India and stayed out of USA for more than a year. I later applied for H1B and got it stamped in Aug, 2008. I had applied for visa renewal in 2011 and got the extension for 3yrs which is going to expire in the next month. I just got my visa approved yesterday and I will have to go to India for stamping. My last visa stamping was done in 2008.  


My question is:


1) I have been working with same employer and same client since I came to USA on H1B ( Jan,2010). I believe, I can go for drop box facility.Can I?

2) Can someone please give me step by step instructions and procedure for the visa stamping? like to where to where to pay? and filling up DS160? and etc


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