Approved stamping/trip experience in Jamaica - 08/05/14


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Hello all,

Here is my experience with Jamaica stamping/trip.

I scheduled my interview on Aug-05-14.

I entered here on 3rd. My halt was in Montego bay. I faced below questions in Jamaican port of entry.

Officer: She asked me my passport and Immigration form.

Me: I simply gave her both.

O. What is the purpose of visit?

M: I came to visit Jamaica and also for stamping.

O: She look at my visa and asked for working visa doc (my I797 copy)?

M: Gave her I797 copy.

O: when are you returning?

M: Aug 8th.

O: She stamped "Immigration Officer" stamp on the back of my "Departure Record" slip and said "welcome to Jamaica"

M: Thank you Mam.

Again at Kingston port of entry, they asked me to fill another immigration form and just take my arrival record and gave me the departure record form without any stamp on it. I already had stamp on previous one, right? They simply gave me both "departure record" forms and said "you can go ahead".

Once I come out of Jamaica, I asked security guy to show me some trusted cab driver. He suggester one tour guy.

Here are cab details:

Name: JUTA Tours

Driver Name: Collin Crossdale

Cell: 876-353-0941   or    876-827-7067

He charged me US $30.

I checked-in in one of the apartment/motel in Kingston. That was very good and very close to some stores like 24hr pharmacy, KFC, Burger King and close to taxi stand. It's just 2km to Embassy from here. Cab guys just take US $1.00 from here to US embassy. While I was coming to Jamaica, I heard Jamaica is very cheap but with my experience I can say, it's not cheap in stores but if you buy something on streets, yes it's cheap.

They charged me US $75/night.

I booked it through "".

Here are motel details:


Phone#: 888-418-2722 (toll free USA and Canada)

              876.631.7631 (Jam)

Address: 2 strathairn ave, strathairn court, New Kingston, Kingston 10.

On 5th of Aug, I went to US Embassy early in the morning. My interview was on 8:30AM. I reached there at 7AM. There was a seperate line for people who scheduled their interview at 8:30AM. I joined with them and one officer asked us to take out our passport, I797, DS 160 confirmation page, Appointment letter and a passport photo. They check all those and staple I797 and passport pic to passport last page and allowed us to go in.

Once we enter in US Embassy, we had security check (they are not allowing cell phones / any electronic items).

1. After security check they had given a small slip and asked us to write our last name and then first name.

2. They allowed us into the building for "ten finger print".

3. After 3-4 hr wait time, they called us for "Interview".

4. Here is my interview experience.

VO: Give me your passport and I797.

Me: Gave him.

VO: Give me your employer letter.

Me: Gave my client letter. (That's my fault)

VO: Immediately he asked me why your employer name is different in I797?

Me: I told him, the one that I gave you is my end-client letter. And immediately I gave me my employer letter.

VO: What is your role?

Me: Software administrator.

VO: Why it is showing programmer analyst on your employer letter?

Me: Basically those are just two different names but roles and responsibilities are same.

VO: What are your roles?

Me: I explained him my roles and responsibilities.

VO: Come on Friday afternoon and pick up your passport.

Me: Sir, I have booked the return ticket on Friday morning. So can you please give me the passport pick up date on Thursday?

VO: Why did you book the return ticket on Friday? Who told you that you can get the passport in 2 days?

Me: I did not say anything.

VO: Immidiately he said, tell your friends "you will get passport after a week".

Me: Sure sir.

VO: Gave me the red slip with passport pick up date on it.

Me: Thank you very much sir and left with smile on my face.

On 7th I changed my return ticket, that costs me more. My first return ticket was wasted.

Today (Aug 8th) I picked up my passport.

So far my trip is good except that retrun trip thing. The purpose of my trip is successfully done and will return on Sunday 10th.

Thank you very much for murthy forum (Sheela). These posts are helped me to find motel, tips for interview and currency exchange (very less (~$20 Jamaican less) in airport...etc.

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