How much time it takes to porting PD?


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Hi Gurus,



Could you guys let us know how much time it takes to porting PD from EB3 to EB2?


Here is my case,


1)  I have approved labor & I-140( EB3 ) with 2007 PD and pending I-485 with employer A


2) I have Approved Labor & I-140(EB2) with 2007 PD with Employer B.


But, Both I-140s have different A# number.



One year back, I requested USCIS to approve my I-485 based on I-140 ( EB2 ) by sending letter with all copies ( I-140 ( Eb3 & EB2 ) and I-485 notice ).



After my request, USCIS moved my I-140( Eb3 ) status from Approved to Initial review and

I-485 status from " Evidence Response Received" to Initial review.


it happened last year. from that no states change in my I-140( EB3 ) & I-485.


I raised service request because of  my PD is current as per I-140(EB2). but they are saying that go & check  USCIS tools to find your visa availability for my category .



Here, my question are

how to know my visa category ( EB3 / EB2)?

How much time , it takes to consolidate my A#?

Are there any process we need to follow to request USCIS for consolidate A#?

are different A# are issue to consider my I-485 based on I-140(Eb2)?





Thank you,





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Were you able to find any answers for your questions? 


I have approved I-140 in EB3 with 2009 PD and my employer applied PERM in EB2. My assumption was that as soon as my PERM is approved in EB2 and if I am current in EB2, my employer can file both I-140 and I-485 by porting my PD from EB3. Looks like there is an additional step that USCIS should approve the porting of PD date.


And you also mentioned about consolidating A#...what is that? I did not understand..

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