H1b Renewal interview. Documents that I need from the employer.


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I will be attending my H1B renewal interview soon at the New Delhi Embassy. As was the case on previous occasions, my employer mailed me original approved petition and the latest Job letter. Are these documents going to be enough from the Company side or I need to ask for me to avoid unnecessary delays? 


On previous occasions, they would send me the whole bunch of docs including a copy of the LCA and Company License etc. 


Does someone have a comprehensive failsafe list of documents that the visa officer can demand?


Does it matter it is a renewal interview and not an interview for a fresh H1B?

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It is always better to take all documents if possible.


Are you on EVC or direct employee? If on EVC below list is necessary


Current H1b approval document, I-129, LCA ORIGINAL
Client letter – ORIGINAL
Vendor letter – ORIGINAL, if client letter is not there
Current project contract - COPY
Employer Tax/financials documents - COPY
Employer quarterly wage reports - COPY
Employer covering letter to consulate – ORIGINAL
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I am a direct employee of the Company and am not in any way sub contracted.


Is the above document list applicable to a direct employee too?


I just have the approved I-797 and Job letter. Will that be enough or I 'really' need to get all the documents? 


Also, do i need any of the above documents or information in them to complete my DS-160 for visa appointment?



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