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Me and my wife got H1B extn till JAN-2015 through Company X in Feb-2012


Last year in April-2013, we applied H1B for my wife, and it got DENIED on Nov-2013 and we thought to continue on Old H4


Meanwhile, while her H1B decision was pending, I transferred to new Company Y and got H1B transfer approved until JUN-2016. But my Company X has revoked my H1B on JAN-2014, which was valid until JAN-2015, but H4 is still valid as per USCIS online case status


As H4 to H1B for my wife was denied, I thought its better if her H4 visa is also on the same company as my H1B (company Y), though company X, H4 is still valid till JAN-2015 and applied for H4(I-539) extension/transfer to New Company Y on Mar-2014. Now strangely after 4 months, we got RFE on H4. Why would they put RFE on H4.


What is happening, Is my wife in INVALID status anytime? I never had Gaps in H1B


Here is more,


Now me and my wife are planning to travel to India and get stamped on SEP-2014. What are risks here. Does it matter if she has H4 on RFE when we go for Stamping with my valid H1B till JUN-2016 with Company Y..kind of scared....








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