H1 Transfer with two employers - Join one and then another


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I am working for a US firm on my current H1B and got another two offers - from Org A and Org B. Both the firms initiated my H1B transfer. I like job with Org B more than Org A. I accepted offers from both the organizations.


Org A already got H1B transfer approval and org B got RFE. I personally would like to join Org B and Org A is my back-up plan. My last day with my current organization is 08/15 and I will join Org B if they get H1B approval before that (they have responded to RFE today 08/08). In case, org B don't get approval by 08/15 then I will join Org A on 08/18. Can I move to Org. B after working in Org A for a week provided Org B get the approval in the week on 08/18? Or do they need to initiate another H1B transfer as the previous H1B transfer was from my Current Organization to Org. B and that time I will be working in Org. A.


Is there any complications If I do anything like that?


Please suggest. 



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