Stamping Experience in Ottawa, Canada - Aug 6 2014


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Hello Friends,


As a give back, I would like to share my H1B stamping experience with you all.


I am in EVC model, with the same employer from Day 1 in H1B. This is my visa extension. My first stamping was in Chennai and second one is Ottawa, Canada.


I went along with my wife who is in H4 and my 1 year old son.


The wait time was around an 30 minutes between finger printing and Interview.


VO: Collected the Passport and I 797

VO: Whom you are working for?

Me: Answered

VO: What do you do?

Me: Answered

VO: Show me some of the docs?

Me: I was trying to give all the important ones like paystup, letters from vendor, client, etc. But he was interested only in Employer letter.

VO; He took the letter and went inside.

Me: We were very nervous.

VO: Came back after 3 minutes and said the golden words " No problem in issuing the visa"

Me: Thank you. When can expect my passport?

VO: 3 to 4 business days.



By Gods grace we were quite lucky and also my case was clean with no issues. But the officers were grilling the H1B guys.


Now my status says, the passport issued. Also I received the mail from Loomis to pick up my passport. We are spending our time for sight seeing in Quebec city and Montreal. We will pickup the passport on Tuesday from Ottawa. Hope, I will have the correct information stamped in my passport.


in summary, I believe the system glitch has been resolved and they are issuing the passport in next day or two.


Hope it helps. 









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Thanks Praveen for posting, I also appeared on 8/6 for interview @ US embassy - Ottawa.


I was told that it will be issued in 24-48 hours .... so was wondering.


did you get an email from loomis ? does your CSC visa information page show any air waybill number , mine doesn't show anything.


Any information is appreciated.


Thank you,


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Hi Praveen,

     i am in same boat as you are.   same employer from day 1, on EVC model , going for stamping with family and first  stamping in hyd. 


   i took appointment on Sept 10th at ottawa.   could you please let me know,

nearest hotel to embassy which is good for family.


    if everything went through, can i expect pp by friday evening.  generally how long its taking to get pp if everything is went well.



    i appreciate your help on this.






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    i am on same boat as you were.  i am with same employer from day1,evc model, going along with family and had my first stamping in hyd. 

    i am going for second stamping to ottawa.    could you please let me know, what is best hotel near to embassy which is walkable one.

      what was pp return average time now.  appreciate your response . Thanks



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