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My wife has recently received H1-B petition Approval in this year's quota. We are both in India

She is filling up the DS-160 and will go for a visa stamping interview in India by next month. Employer is from IT industry.

I have not been working full time for some period now due to personal and professional reasons. I have over 8 years of IT industry experience.

1 - Will my current non-working status cause any issue in getting approval for the H-4 visa for me ?
2 - Will my current non-working status cause any issue in stamping of the H-1 visa for wife ?
3 - Have there been cases of people with professional experience being refused H-4 visa due to possibility of they applying for work visa once in the USA?
4 - As far as I've read it's better to apply for H-4 at the same time as H-1 stamping of main applicant; and not doing it separately. Is this correct ?

5 - Is it mandatory for the H1 holder's passport to have the spouse name endorsed for the spouse to get H4 ?

6- Is it fine if only the dependent's passport has the name of the spouse ( H1- HOLDER) endorsed on dependent's passport for the H4 approval ?


My passport was renewed last year and has wife's name endorsed on my passport ( as per her name on her passport). But wife's passport issued before marriage does not have my name endorsed yet. H1 petition has been approved with her maiden name as it appears in her passport and official records.

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