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Hi Readers,


I had interview on July 18, VO approved my visa and said they will contact me in couple of days. She mentioned that there is some computer glitch that some of my information was missing in system. Once that will be fixed they can proceed. I am still waiting for passport. When I checked my visa status online it showed Administrative Process. Can someone please share their experience. Is it possible that approved visa can go through AP or is it because of that immigration system issue which is happening worldwide.




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Unfortunately, it is very much possible that the visa officer says that the visa is approved and still it can go through AP. Though it did not happen to me, I have seen couple of friends go through the same experience who had the visa interview with me the same day. For one person, it took 3 weeks before he received his visa and for another, it was rejected. (This is not to scare you, but just stating the facts). Good Luck !

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