Successful Stamping At Calgary on 7th Aug


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HI All,


Just want to share my experience here.


Appointment 7th Aug 8 AM.


-reached there by 7:20

-waited for about 20-30 min to let 7:30 and 7:45 am time slots people to complete before me.

-Got appointment check done

-Got Security check done

-Got verified I-797, PP and DS-160 confirmation page and got Employee rights booklet

- Finally the inter view part

   - there were 3 VO who are interviewing 

   - Two slots with chairs and room like place and one with open with no chair

   - two women and one men VO

   - Two women are taking lot of time to complete interview for each person.

   - even for a visitor visa they took 15-20 min of complete questions.

   - Men VO came in late, but he is the best.

   - He is completing 3 interviews in the same time  women VO's completed interviewing one person. No matter what kind of visa it is.

   - Fortunately I went to Men VO. It took me 3-4 questions and 5 min to complete interview.

   - Question he asked

           1. When did you book your appointment? Ans: approx xxx time before

           2. What is your Visa status in Canada? Ans: Visitor

           3. Is your employer XXX company? Ans: Yes

           4. Do you only work with XXX company or work for any one else also? Ans: Just for XXX company.

           5. So do you do Database maintenance work for XXX company? Ans: I'm a programmer analyst and I do different kind of things like Requirement gathering,Analysis and design, Creating web applications, deploying and yes also maintaining Database servers.

     - Then he said your visa is approved and you get an email once it is ready.


-- So this is my story of interview. But I went along with a friend who happens to go to a Women VO.

- We both went to the interview almost same time, but by the time my friend completed his interview, I completed my interview, came down, had a bagel and coffee (You can imaging how long it took).

- He had the bad visa experience with lot of questions and showing documents.


It started with same as my questions, then it wen ooooon.

Some questions he got is  

   - You got 5 years of student visa, why did you completed your masters in 2 years? Did you completed fast?

            Ans: Masters program is only for 2 years.

   - did you do job in OPT in the same field as masters? 

           Ans: Yes

  - So you came as a student status, did you applied for status change?

           Ans: He showed I-797

   - She again asked, "I'm repeating again, did you applied for status change when you changed from Student to H1b"?

           Ans: Then he did understand what to show, he just showed I-129 petition and LCA( and she was expecting I-129)

   - you said ur working from 3 years bu ur I797 says only from July 2014?

          Ans: it is H1B amendment as I changed my client, I applied for amendment.

   - So did you applied for status change during ur first I-797?

          ANs: Luckily he got I-129 for previous I-797 as well. and he showed.

   - What did you do after your Student 

         Ans: I worked for XXX company on OPT.

  - What is OPT?

        Ans: He answered

   - Did you applied for status change for Student visa to OPT as well?

        Ans: We don't need to, we can do work during OPT and showed OPT cards.

  - Why you came here now? why didn't you came for stamping when u got ur H1B visa?

      And: Have some out of country plans in future and i got some free time now for stamping



Finally and fortunately he got all the documents she requested and he got approved.

Vo said, you'll receive Passport in a week.


These are the questions he remember and there might be some more small questions.


So people going to Calgary, Please do carry all documents. 


Hope this helps. 

and thanks a lot for every one for all the info and making me prepared for the interview.



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