H1 Transfer while another H1B transfer is in RFE response review status


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My first H1B with company A started in Oct 2012 and it’s approved till Sept 2015. My passport is also stamped till Feb 2015. Now in Jan 2014 I changed the employer. My new employer (Company B) filed the H1B transfer with regular process and I started working for them as soon as application was received by USCIS. I got RFE in that application. Company lawyer responded to that  in first week of June2014 and its in the response review status now. However, it is still in pending status even after 60 days of processing time and I received an offer from Company C by the mean time. Just wonder now, what are my options to deal with it?

1)  Can I join company C and file another H1B transfer while the previous transfer is in RFE response review status? (FYI: my actual approved H1B petition is not revoked by Company A)

2) Or should I go for premium process and get the first RFE resolved prior to applying for another transfer?

Please suggest.

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