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Hi all,


trying to reach you guys for help for my issue. i have applied for H1B this year and i have received RFE asking for


1. new vendor letter

2. new client letter

showing that i am working till 2017 and how my qualification is a requirement for the job.



my employer had some issues with vendor and he delayed in providing the dates. at last my employer responded to RFE on july 23rd and my status got changed to Initial review on July 28th.


After one week on Aug 4th. employer confirmed me that my H1 got denied. the reason he's mentioning to me ias uscis s my qualification is not a requirement for the job i am possessing. as per my employer he says in both letters he mentioned he has a the required bachelors degree.


i am trying to get the denial letter from attorney as well....right now attoreny has opened a SR for supervisor review.


my educational background is i have done bachelor's in Electronics and Communications and i did masters in Industrial Management.


I request to please help any suggestions would be a great help.


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