H1B transfer in Premium from Company A to Company B with no Client Letter


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Hi All,


        I have been working in H1B from past 5 yr.'s, Currently I am working full time for Company A since 9 months and have H1B Visa Stamping with Previous Employer until 03/2015. Got an offer as contract position with Company B and it is in EVC model. Here end client is not giving client letter but Vendor Management Company Providing letter for H1B transfer. I heard these days Client Letter is Mandatory.


I have below questions:


1.) If I get RFE with Company B during my PP but still working for Company A, does it affect on my H1B?

2.) If I get RFE with Company B and it gets rejected/Denied, does it affect my H1B with current Employer A?

3.) Once I get receipt number in PP, If I work for Company B and gets RFE, what will be my options to go back to Company A (didn't cancel the H1B)?


Appreciate if anyone can answer above questions that would be great. Thanks!








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