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Hi all,

I work for company A in India.

A consulting company B in USA filed my visa petition and I got the lottery[2013] and got It stamped as well [recently].

Now my company A wishes to retain me and wants me to work for them in USA. I am inclined towards my current company ans wish to continue with them.


1. Can I travel to USA with visa stamped in name of B? 

2. If YES. Will the immigration Officer at port of entry not ask something about B?

3. If 1 and 2 works, then company A wishes to start the visa transfer process just after I land in USA. Is that legal?


Please let me know you thoughts about these and any feedback will be highly appreciated. Any other way I should go about this.


Thanks a ton.


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Thanks All,

Sorry for responding so late. So I understand that my transfer has to be applied before I travel on H1. 

some attorney in USA is suggesting that I go there and then transfer visa. 


So confused.




Actually, the transfer has to be APPROVED before you can travel.

You can NOT travel without the approval if you don't intent to work for the old employer. It would be immigration fraud.

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