Transfer of status F1/H1-B Is it the right time for Stamping?


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May be this is a duplicate thread but still i wanna ask my question. 


Are there any instances in the past where people got rejected or got a 221g for visa stamping as soon as the petition got started in october 1st?


I'm working for a client for over 2 years and the contract gets ended in Nov/Dec, the client can give me a client letter for the duration on my H1B doc, but the problem is will it be a good decision to go for stamping in October?


I dont want to go on my next job as im not sure if the employer will give me the client letter and LCA will need to be amended. 


I have been with my employer for over few years, and have ALL DOCS in place. 


Thanks for the inputs. 

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You can go with current employer..... but if they giving you client letter with longer duration however there is no work as contract is ending in december it may be wrong and if they go to admin processing and client can not verify the correct things it may get in problem....

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