H1B Visa - Maxout Calculation


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Hello Everyone,


I have a question regarding my Maxout date.I am seeking expert's guidance on the below situation.


Periods of stay in US


1) 10/28/2007 to 12/12/2008 - L1B

2) 01/04/2009 to 12/17/2009 - L1B - My original L1B got expired on 10/02/2009 and I got it extended. I went back to India with the extended petition which was valid till 10/02/2011.


< = = = Little more than 1.5 years of stay in India = = = >


3) 07/08/2011 to 01/24/2013 - L1B - Came back in July 2011 on the already extended petition. Again applied for an extension and got it approved till 10/02/2013.

4) 02/16/2013 to 09/30/2013 - L1B - Got visa stamping and came back. During this stay, another consulting firm applied for my H1B in FY2014 and got approved from 10/01/2013 till 09/30/2016.


I went back to India before my H1B took its effect and did not use it.


I transferred my H1B from the consulting firm to my current organization. Start date of the approved petition is 04/15/2014 and the end date is 01/15/2016.


My current organization is saying the maxout date is 01/15/2016.


Is this calculation correct? Did I not reset the clock when i stayed for more than a year and half in 2010/2011?


Need expert's advice on this.


Thank you.




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