Is this possible?


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Hi, one of my friend is working in IT but he doesn't have a master's degree from IT. So I told him that it will be very difficult to get your PERM approved under EB2 for IT job, but he says that his PERM has been approved.


Is that possible? I just want to know that my understanding about the PERM is correct.

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It depends on a lot of things. IT is a very wide field. Without knowing lots of details about the position and the qualifications, it is impossible to say anything about this.

All I know is, he did his BS and MS in EE and working as Java Developer.

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So my understanding was wrong. Anyone can file for PERM, even a person without of a degree can file GC under EB2?


No, you don't quite get it. The job has to require the degree.

EE has specializations that are very close to CS. Hence, it is possible in certain cases to get a job as a software developer with an EE degree.

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