New H1 with approved I-140


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I am in sixth year of H1 but my current employer not filing GC. I have a I-140 approval from my previous employer on EB2 category. It was approved on May 2012 but I left the company on oct 2012 which is less than six months period. 


My questions are:


* Will I be able to obtain a new H1 with a new company X providing I-140 approval from my previous company Y?


* Six months association after I-140 with company Y is mandatory? where it helps?


* How do I check If my previous company Y did not revoke my I-140. I check the status in USCIS today it still shows that the approval notice sent on May 2012 statement. Does that mean it was not revoked?


* will I be able to join the previous employer Y and continue the GC process?


Please advice.





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