Scheduling Interview with unsubmitted DS160


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The initial DS160 Application ID generated is unique and after electronically signing and submitting the DS160 (within 30days), same ID appears as the Confirmation Number.. at-least that's what happened the first time I went for stamping and completed the DS160 form. Please correct me if I'm mistaken about this..


So, as long as I've the DS160 Application ID (not confirmation number) and the MRV receipt number, along with all the other required information, I believe it is possible to schedule a visa interview via CSC website -

  • Is that accurate?
  • If yes, can this cause any issues in the process?

Instructions on the CSC website state to complete and submit the DS160 form as the first step.


I'll definitely plan to submit the DS160 form at-least one week prior to my interview or earlier. I know that this may sound unusual, but if possible I could save some time (really need to) and can also avoid submitting DS160 in a hurry in order to schedule an interview quickly.


Please advice!!!!!!

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Thanks for replying! I was also able to verify this with some other friends. Obviously it's better to submit it as soon as we're done but someone informed me that the DS160 needs to be submitted at-least 72hrs before the interview date and time. I've been trying to find any info related with this on the and website but no luck so far.

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