Unpaid informal counseling/listening


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I'd like to listen to people who want to talk about their frustrations, feelings, dreams etc. and if I'm able/if they ask me, I'd like to give them some tips to help them out. If they need it, I'd also like to offer them Reiki to help them feel better.


I'd like to do this for people I don't know and instead of being paid for my time (which would be like psychotherapy), I'd do it for free or in exchange for some small token they may want to give out of appreciation. But whether and what they would give me would be entirely up to them (except money, which I will not take). Would this be legal to do in a H4 visa?


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That is still work, and not allowed on H4.

Unpaid or not doesn't matter, and it isn't really unpaid, anyway, because you get "tokens of appreciation", which is just another form of payment. Payment is not limited to monetary compensation.

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