Stamping successful on 32st Aug


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Hi All,


My stamping was done on 31st Aug. Reached the consulate at 9:00 am and waited in the long line for about 1:30 hrs, then called to a window for finger prints and back in the interview line for 5 mins. Then the VO called me.


Me: Good Morning Officer and gave my passport and I797

VO: Good Morning, Who is your employer?

Me: XYZ Company.

VO: What does your company do?

Me: told

VO: Give me your latest W2

Me: gave

VO: Why did you come to Jamaica? Why didn't you go to Canada.

Me: Since we don't need any visa prior to coming here and Canada needs one. 

VO: Where is your client located and what do you do there?

Me: told

VO: When are you leaving?

Mw: Tuesday.

VO: Come back on Monday and we will issue you the passport if everything works by then.

Me: Thank you.


The computer glitch is done as far as I know. On Thursday around 15 to 16 passports were issued with visas in the last 20 minutes as they found a work around to print it. I dont know if they are using the same or the glitch is fixed. 

Please make sure every thing that is printed is right as some passports have either name, DOB or employer name or the EAC number wrong. They will reprint it with in 10 minutes.


Got the passport on Monday on time. 

Whatsapp Reid (876,420,7102,) for taxi. Also talk to him to show places and he will gather a group of indians and take you to a tour if you are spending 1 or 2 days there.

He will charge you a reasonably. Not too expensive.


Happy stamping ....




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