H1-B Stamping in Montreal, Canada


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I found a two people, one from 07/30 stuck due to CCD database and the other from 03/24 or so..doesn't respond to my posts.

I'm on a EVC model, planning to attend around the same time you mentioned..middle to end of September.

Did you fill in the DS160 and schedule appointment?

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destusa - I have not yest decided or booked an appointment. thought of first getting advice from this forum. Can we talk on phone?


Nash143143 - They are doing Stamping but are over booked so advised not to approach Canada in peak. I see Montreal has wait time of 5 days while Calgary 82 days

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Sure, we can talk over phone.

The two guys who are waiting (one in Montreal Canada) and the other (in Sydney Australia ) have work permits from the respective countries. They have maxed out of their 6 years on H1B and their GC is in process.

They went to stamping almost within a week or two after their petitions were approved. Likely situation could be that the PIMS was not updated for them. The CCD issues added to the mix, they are waiting.

I guess the temporary hold on stamping for TCN was June-Aug. I believe Sep and October are not so peak season. Hence I think we should be fine try to schedule around this time.

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