I-140 premium processing..Y/N?


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Hi members, 

I currently work as a consultant and my employer is say X


X just filed for I-140 and my 6th year of H1B just started. My current contract is ending and I'm looking for FT job instead of working for another client.


Current H1B is valid till next July; same as my passport expiration date.


  • I wanted to know if my current employer X applies for premium processing for I-140 and I get the decision within 15 days; and if the new employer Y transfers my H1B and applies for renewal using the approved I-140, will my H1B be renewed for 3 years or just up to my passport expiration date?


  • Will applying I-140 premium processing with a year of H1B period remaining and changing jobs soon after I-140 is approved.... have any negative impact on my I-140 or H1B transfer petitions? Please advise.


Thanks much.

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